Practical Life Skills

In this area, the goal is to develop in every child a strong and realistic sense of independence and self-reliance. The curriculum focuses on developing skills that would allow every child to effectively control and deal with social as well as the physical environment in which he/she lives.

Physical Development and Health

This program aims to instill in the mind of young children the value of their health and safety. Through first-hand experiences provided for each child, the ability to understand and control their bodies is increased. In a supervised environment, children experience growth in gross motor development and learn to use small muscle to improve a variety of fine motor skills. Our curriculum helps the children to have concrete knowledge about age-appropriate healthy choices in daily life.

Reading and Language Arts

Our classrooms promote an environment that is stimulating, challenging, and non-competitive, allowing each child to get ahead at their own pace. At this stage of child development, the school seeks to aid in the development of the child’s vocabulary, reading skills, and command of language.


Through integrated curriculum, each child will be freely exposed to an environment that will stimulate or challenge him/her to gradually grasp simple mathematical concepts. This program aims to develop in each child the skills of comparing and classifying objects, relationships, and events in their environment. It seeks to develop the ability to explore and discover simple ways to measure, which leads to the development of an understanding of numbers and exploration of simple mathematical processes.  WritingThrough supervised activities, each child is given special attention aiming to aid his/her development of fine motor skills necessary for pencil control. Traditional emphasis on handwriting is stressed at the school and children are encouraged to take pride in their printed/written work.


This area seeks to foster a positive attitude toward science through a program that allows active hands-on experiences among the children. The preschool science program aims to develop among the children the awareness of simple scientific knowledge related to living and non-living things. Further, it fosters awareness of simple scientific knowledge related to the earth.

Social Studies

At an early age, children begin to be aware of the components of the social environment where they live. Through this program, children will eventually acquire skills and attitudes required to live in society. This program seeks to aid children in understanding and interpreting their relationship and place within their own environment.

Computer & Japanese Lessons

Children will develop skills in keyboarding, and word processing. Japanese lessons are given once a week.

Homeroom Guidance and Advanced Practical Living

Students will develop a sense of respect for others and the environment.